I am grateful for all the doors you have opened for Tullia! She’s a stronger young lady physically, mentally, and emotionally from the support of the teachers in your facility and the friendships that she has made through AAD. I look forward to another amazing year with you and your crew 2018-2019.
Thank you!
— The Pizzini Family

Once again congratulations on a great recital. As I’ve said before, I can appreciate the amount of work that is required logistically to make the show run smoothly and you nailed it again.

The dancers all performed great and it was obvious they were having fun! Be Our Guest was a great finale. So many moving parts!

Thank you for all of the hard work you and your staff do for our girls.
— The Hetzler Family

What a fantastically creative, polished, tight, and IMPRESSIVE recital. Always my favorite day of the year!
— The Bartoo Family

Congrats on another wonderful show! We had such a blast! I was so bummed when I knew the last number was coming up, I just wanted more! The kids were amazing!

It’s always bittersweet to see the dance year come to a close, but we are looking forward to another round of good stuff next year!
— The Castaldi Family

I will forever be grateful for the influence AAD has had on my daughter.
As a parent with absolutely no experience in organized dancing, I was nervous about my 3 year old “girly” girl starting dance class. The first time I walked into AAD, Ms. Abby eased my concerns. She somehow juggles being the director, an amazing dance instructor and a calming voice for an over anxious parent.
Fast forward to year 8 and I can safely say I’m a “dance mom” now, but ONLY because Ms. Abby gives me everything I need. Email updates, signs in the studio, quick chats between classes and my favorite: the recital survival guide.
— The Asmus Family

Dear Miss Abby,

You and your crew and amazing students always put on a great show and I will tell you that none of it ever goes unnoticed. My grandchildren LOVE dancing in your studio and my family does do a pretty big production at home on recital day. So much fun!

So anyways, I just wanted to share with you about the smiles that you and your school puts on their faces.

Thank you and see you soon!
— The Estes Family

Love how much these girls genuinely love each other. Such a special bond...the new girls are never made to feel left out & the veterans are just happy to be around each other. Love this family!
— The Nichols Family

I started with AAD on day one, and have danced with Miss Abby long before AAD was open. I came to AAD because I loved working with Miss Abby and had faith in her mission and attitude towards dance. I danced for 6 years at AAD and loved every minute of it. I took ballet, lyrical, jazz and hip hop classes during my time at AAD. All of the teachers were supportive, kind, creative and driven to give my peers and me the best dance education they could while maintaining a warm and positive environment. Three years ago I started volunteering in the tiny dancer classes. I learned about how to work in the classes as an assistant teacher and two years ago became part of the AAD staff. This experience working with the students and teachers is what made me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in early education, and I am currently an elementary education major at Boston College. Dancing at AAD provided me with more than just a dance education. The teachers and students at AAD provide an environment of passion, individual support and a tight knit community. AAD students come out of classes with confidence, creativity and a life long support system. Dancing at AAD was an experience that I will never forget. It made me a better dancer and a stronger person.
— Julia Murphy, AAD Alumna