growing with grit & Grace


Since we opened in 2010, we have operated on the foundation of a structured, positive learning environment that builds character and challenges the individual. We believe that self-confidence and self-respect can be built by dedicating one’s self to learning the art of dance in the classroom. We work to create an environment of mutual respect. Dancers learn to come prepared to class on time and to take pride in their efforts. Excellent attendance and attitude show respect for their classmates and for their teachers. AAD also aims to provide a fun experience for the entire family through special opportunities throughout the year. Our annual June recital highlights the dedication of our dancers in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, acrobatics, lyrical, and hip-hop. Our commitment to family values includes keeping our quality instruction at competitive prices.


AAD is the first & only Positive Psychology based Dance Studio in the world! 

Angela Duckworth, the leading researcher in the field of studying grit, defines grit as:

"passion and perseverance in pursuit of long term goals"

Since the learning the beautiful art of dance takes time, dance serves as a perfect opportunity to practice grit. Loving dance is the "easy" part. But it's the showing up week after week, in pursuit of learning and growing as an artist with the annual performance in sight. Then in addition, to do it all over again, each year, with the same passion and hope for an even better experience. 

With the motivation for better educating and instilling these values such as grit in my dancers, I decided it was time to be a student again in the world of psychology. In September 2017, I enrolled in the Certification of Applied Positive Psychology Program through The Flourishing Center of NYC.  Positive Psychology is the scientific and applied approach to uncovering people’s strengths and promoting their positive functioning (Hugo Alberts)." Starting out with an undergraduate degree in Psychology,

Where you'll see the Positive Psychology Infusion at AAD:

Each month we will focus on a different character strength. A few examples of strengths beyond grit include resilience, self regulation, creativity, curiosity, love of learning, honesty, zest, kindness, leadership, teamwork, gratitude, hope. 

We will weave an emphasis of the monthly character strength into our dance lessons and it will be highlighted each monthly newsletter to include our parents in the experience! 

AAD's Promise

We believe in your child's innate strengths and promise to nurture and grow them in a positive learning environment.

We want your children to KNOW, GROW, & SHOW their strengths 

while we SPOT, CELEBRATE, & SAVOR them!