Introducing the Infusion of Positive Psychology into AAD! 

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The questions I get asked most by parents...

"Have you danced all your life? How have you stayed committed to your passion? I'd love for my child to find the same drive and passion."

I've always felt a sense of luck that I innately love the art of dance. But that adoration for the art has many layers; love for the movement, the difficulty, the ever changing nature of it, the history, and most important to me, the community that builds because of it. It wasn't until opening my own business that I realized there was another part of the formula for my success. That crucial piece was grit. 

Angela Duckworth, the leading researcher in the field of studying grit, defines grit as:

"passion and perseverance in pursuit of long term goals"

*something that explains how important and significant grit is in life success over IQ and other measures of excellence* also 

Also connecting that concept to dance, each year to recital, then continuing on as a ever learning process...also something about this has always what it's been about for me*

With the motivation for better educating and instilling these values in my dancers, I decided it was time to be a student again in the world of psychology. In September 2017, I enrolled in the Certification of Applied Positive Psychology Program through The Flourishing Center of NYC. Positive Psychology is the field of It ended of being one of the best decisions of my life and a enriching experience for myself both personally and professionally. I am more motivated than ever to instill critical life skills can be learned in dance class beyond just the art of dance. *EXPLAIN AND DEFINE POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY*

Where you'll see the Positive Psychology Infusion at AAD:

Each month we will focus on a different strength. A few examples of strengths beyond grit include resilience, self regulation, creativity, curiosity, love of learning, honesty, zest, kindness,leadership, teamwork, gratitude, hope. 

We will weave an emphasis of the monthly character strength into our dance lessons and it will be highlighted each monthly newsletter to include our parents in the experience! 

AAD's Promise

We believe in your child's innate strengths and promise to nurture and grow them in a positive learning environment.

We want your children to KNOW, GROW SHOW their strengths while we SPOT, CELEBRATE, & SAVOR them!