Class Descriptions

Classes begin 9/9/2019

If new to AAD, contact us for class placement prior to registration!

Tiny Dancers

ages 3-6

Tiny classes are a fun and fantastic way to introduce your child to the world of dance. Your tiny dancer will discover ballet and tap dance through imaginative instruction, games, and exploration. Our dancers will develop creativity, musicality, body, and spatial awareness.


Acro Groove

ages 3-6

Acro Groove is a perfect combination of both hip-hop and acrobatics foundational skills for your energetic dancer! Work on rhythm, body awareness, body control in this fresh, fast paced class.


Bunhead Academy

ages 5-7

This brand new class is a perfect transition from the Tiny or Acro Groove classes, before venturing into the level I classes. It will explore ballet, jazz, hip hop,  and tap, focusing on fully understanding the etiquette of dance class while building their skills each week. Perfect for your danced-obsessed Kindergartener ready for a more challenging class.

Dancer MUST be at least in 1st grade to participate in any age appropriate class beyond Tiny/Acro Groove/Bunhead Academy


Combination: Jazz I & Ballet I

Exploring the foundations of dance in this special combination class of both  jazz and ballet. It’s the perfect start into the world of dance. Ideal for 1st through 4th graders.


Ballet classes build strength, poise, proper body alignment, turnout, and extension in an expressive atmosphere. Dancers will develop their skills through classic barre work and floor exercises. Classes help to build technique with graceful, coordinated movements and provide the foundation for all other dance styles.


Dancers use ballet, jazz, and other philosophies of movement to express themselves emotionally and musicality while breaking some traditions in the dance world.

*Must be enrolled in Ballet II, III, or  IV to participate.


Jazz classes focus on all elements of the jazz discipline including positions, turns, jumps, and leaps. Students will also learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques, to enhance strength and flexibility. Classes explode with energy and create a space for dancers to explore their individual styles.

Production/Musical Theater*

This class focuses on character, performance, and acting skills for the bright lights of the big stage. Perfect for the dancer who craves more theatrical dancing. We will explore many musical theater classics and perform our own routine for the recital. The class will include classic tap dancing, as well! Tap classes focus on the fundamentals, such as increasing speed, improving clarity, and musicality. Rhythm and sound are explored through drills, exercises, and combinations. Be a part of this special class that welcomes dancers in grades 1 all the way through 12! Ages 7+

*Must be enrolled in an additional jazz, ballet, or hip hop class to participate


Acro I  II III : all acro dancers will be placed in level in class in September

Acro is a style of dance that works to seamlessly fuse dance moves with skills of balance, strength, flexibility, limbering, and tumbling. We allow our students to be consistently challenged in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. All levels will be in a recital routine together. Combined rehearsals will take place during the second half of the year.

*All Acro dancers must take a jazz or ballet class.

*Time of class will be dependent on enrollment, and will be determined in September.


Hip-hop classes are fun and energetic, influenced by current music and culture. This style of dance is designed to teach musicality, coordination, strength, and agility. Students will participate in a high-energy class highlighting everyone's individual style.

Boys Only Hip-Hop: Ages 7-11 BEGINS IN FEBRUARY, RUNS THROUGH JUNE, WILL BE IN RECITAL, Thursdays at 5-5:45

AAD Company

Auditions for Company will take place in the summer for those dancers who want an additional challenge and performance opportunities. There are specific class requirements plus strict attendance policies in addition to any assigned Company class(es). Strong focus on technique, strength, musicality, performance, and leaps and turns.



Class placement is ultimately determined by the instructors based on what is best for the individual dancer.